Louis de Pointe du Lac (jadedcontrition) wrote,
Louis de Pointe du Lac

Burn the Past

The smell of gasoline was overwhelming as I carried he heavy plastic containers from room to room, dousing carpets, curtains and furniture with the highly combustible liquid. I stood for a moment in the main lobby of the house, matchbook in hand, knowing what it would mean if I actually went through with this.

Anger burned within me as I gazed upon the home we had created one last time. I could see Lestat's jacket hanging over the arm of the chair as if he had only left a moment ago and would be back soon to claim it. The rage seemed to knot deep within the core of me as I looked at it. I focused this feeling on the abandoned garment and felt a tightening sensation in my head that was almost painful. Suddenly, it was pouring out of me. My fury was an almost tangible thing as it reached out and touched the fabric causing the jacket to burst into flames. Had I really done that with nothing more than a thought? What a terrifying and monstrous power to posses! The flames quickly engulfed the chair then danced across the carpet before igniting the stereo system with a giant electric crack and a spray of glowing sparks.

It was mesmerizing. I was so caught up in the almost sensual movements of the fire that it was difficult to pull myself away. Finally, when I could feel the heat on my skin, I turned and walked out of the house, closing the door behind me.
Tags: fire, home, lestat
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