Louis de Pointe du Lac (jadedcontrition) wrote,
Louis de Pointe du Lac


I am not insane.

I do not need to be under the care of Marius de Romanus.

I will not be setting fire to anything else. The rage that incited those actions burned out long ago.

I have not chosen Nicolas de Lenfent as my new companion in eternity and I am not blindly doing whatever he asks of me. I feel nothing for him. He is merely a means to an end.

I'm hunting enough to sustain myself and am no longer at risk of becoming a dried up husk of a creature who is no longer capable of self-preservation. I shall continue to do so provided that the conditions of our agreement are kept.

If there are any additional questions or concerns, please voice them here and now. I've read everything and the gossip and hearsay are both incorrect and unnecessary when asking me directly is something that could have taken place at any time. Just because I have not explained myself publicly does not mean that I haven't been here all along.
Tags: blood, fire, hunting, insanity, lestat, marius, nicolas
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